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Flat Hatters Lacrosse Club Decal



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Personalize car and truck windows with a Flat Hatters Lacrosse Club decal.

  • Apply to any window
  • Durable; water and fade-resistant

4″ x 5″


Printed on a carrier to make application to any window easy. Design is masked with a transfer tape (front) on the logo side and is mounted on a paper backing.

  1. Clean surface
    • Always apply graphic to a smooth, clean, dry surface.
  2. Remove graphic
    • Carefully remove graphic from paper liner (backing). Avoid adhesive to adhesive contact. If this occurs, gently pull part.
  3. Position
    • Start with one end or corner of design and apply.
  4. Smooth
    • Smooth design with a straight edge tool such as a squeegee or credit card.
  5. Remove
    • Start at one corner of the design; slowly remove the transfer tape carefully pulling at a 180 degree angle.


Tip: Moisten surface with soapy water to aid in positioning.


Carolina Blue, White

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